Circumcision Surgery in Monterrey, is a simple procedure in which the foreskin of the penis is removed total way or partially way. Prepucion forms most of the skin of the penis, to remove it, the glans is uncovered.

The procedure is performed in Consulting Room and tinme is only 25 minutes

Circumcision is done because it has great benefits at the level of preventive health and other benefits:

-Prevents infections, cancer, HIV (AIDS)
-Better hygiene and no bacteria will accumulate because there is no foreskin.
-Visually, the penis will look more aesthetic and attractive.
-It helps prevent phimosis and tongue-tied
Phimosis is a tightness of the foreskin (skin covering the tip of the penis) that prevents retract said skin down and discover the glans completely.
The presence of phimosis favors the appearance of the following complications:

– Balanitis (infection of the skin of the tip of the penis)
– Lack of hygiene
– Paraphimosis
– Urine Infections
– Fissures and bleeding during sex
– Cancer of the penis in adulthood

Tongue-tie is difficult retract the foreskin of the penis head and no pain.


We use routine anesthesia in Newborn. It is very simple to operate newborns, it is recommended to operate from the sixth month of life.

In adolescents or adults we use local anesthesia with sedation.

Children from 2 years old to 12 years old under we use general anesthesia which allows us to work without getting nervous.

There are different ways to do a circumcision, it is important to inform yourself before made it, so that the result is as you expect, as each style or type of circumcision causes different sensations during sex or masturbation, alsothe visual appearance of the penis is different in each style.

Tense or Loose:

In style Tense penis stretched, taut skin feels when erect and feel a greater sense.

In style Loose skin of excess foreskin is a little looser, with this style is enjoyed masturbation as no better manipulation of the skin, this style is recommended only for people who has double size of penis in erection.

Total or Partial:

In Total style the glans will be completely exposed, the cut is made by the penile shaft and there is less risk of fibrous scarring.

In the Partial  style cut is made near the glans being part of the foreskin covering the glans, in this type ther is not possibility of healing fiber ring.

High or Low:

In the High style, the cut is made to mediation of the penile shaft, where there is more mucus causing greater arousal during sex.

In the Low style, the cut is made near the glans being a less visible scar due to some men prefer the visual aspect.

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